I am filled with so many emotions right now this website has been a long time coming I wanted to launch Winter 2019 and then the entire family and I got extremely sick with the "flu". Then 2020 came and we all know how that is going. Then I aimed for September 19,2020 for Jujuu's Two Year Anniversary and then we had a hurricane coming in a few days. So I said "Okay October 1st" and yesterday September 30,2020 my siblings and I had to make the tough decision to put our family dog down. Chikilin was the most loving and loyal dog ever and he lived an amazing 14 years he was there for each of my children and he will be dearly missed! I have been a little emotional and my heart hurts. I was going to delay my launch once again but then I realized tomorrow is not guaranteed.
 So here we are...I want to remind you that if there is something deep down in your heart that you want to it!
 This is YOUR time!

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not over come it -John 1:5  

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